DXA Body Comp FIT

Body Comp FIT is measured using DXA (dual energy x-ray absorptiometry), a very low dose x-ray (the amount of radiation received when flying round trip from Austin to New York). For this test you lie down on an open “table” while your body is scanned. DXA measures the fat, lean, bone mineral mass and %body fat for your whole body and regionally for your arms, legs, and trunk. In addition, it determines the fat in the abdominal (android) and hip (gynoid) areas and the visceral fat (the amount of deep abdominal fat around the organs). The actual scan takes 8-12 minutes. The full appointment, which includes an explanation of your results and recommendations, takes about an hour. During your consultation, your results and recommendations for improvement are discussed with an exercise professional.

Body Comp FIT is excellent for tracking change. For example, with a weight training program the total increase in lean mass can be determined for  total body as well as for the trunk, arms, legs, android, and gynoid.

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Sample Results

Sample Scan

The scan on the left is bone mass and the scan on the right is bone and soft tissue. The lines are used to separate the body regions. The maximum weight for the DXA machine is 450lbs and scan clients who are 18-85 years old.

idxa Image

Scheduling & Pricing

To schedule an appointment, please call 512-471-0081.


  • $75
  • CURRENT SPECIAL: 2 DXAs for $130. Enter 2PACK at checkout.
  • Group Discount? E-mail FIT at fit@austin.utexas.edu with a list of 10+ clients from your company or workplace to receive an additional $10 off.
  • Pre-pay online with a credit card or on-site with credit card, check or cash.

Proceeds may be used in general support of the College of Education.

Appointment Preparation

The DEXA Body Comp FIT testing, results and consultation will take 45 minutes to 1 hour. The scan itself takes 8-12 minutes.

In preparation for your appointment:

  • Do not eat or exercise vigorously for 3 hours prior to testing.
  • Wear as little metal as possible (i.e. zippers, underwire bra and metal buttons). We will ask you to remove your jewelry before the scan.
  • Wear loose fitting, light weight clothing.

Location & Parking

Testing takes place in Bellmont Hall Room 946, located at Darryl K. Royal Stadium. Parking is available. You will receive a Visitor’s Parking Permit from the FIT staff when you arrive for testing. Refer to Location & Parking for further information.