Health Coaching

Ready to adopt a healthier lifestyle? Health Coaching is a great program if you are looking to overhaul your lifestyle and improve all aspects of wellness. This program focuses on understanding what aspects of your lifestyle need improvement and how to implement sustainable change.  While the most common topics participants want coaching on include stress management, physical activity, disease management, sleep hygiene, improving mindfulness, and weight management, Health Coaching addresses your specific needs. We help you achieve a healthy work-life-wellness balance!

Health Coaching involves an initial 60-90 minute individual consult and weekly 15minute check-ins (via Zoom) each month with your Health Coach, Dr. Brittany Crim. The initial appointment allows for Dr. Crim to learn about your lifestyle and background. You will establish your initial goals and lay the foundation for your weekly check-ins to build on. The cost of the initial appointment is $85 and then you are charged $99 each month for as long as you continue.

Scheduling and Pricing

Health Coaching can start anytime! Once you register, we will reach out to you and get you started! 

Introduction Appointment : $85
Weekly Individual Consults: $99/month

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