FIT to the Core

FIT to the Core educates and trains individuals on preventative behaviors and exercises to reduce back pain and improve core strength and stability. FIT to the Core includes two sequenced programs FIT to the Core: Education and FIT to the Core: Stability with Mobility.

FIT to the Core: Education
In these four 45 minute, interactive, lecture style classes participants learn core anatomy and function. This information is then applied to maintenance of proper posture, functional daily movements, and back pain/injury. Individuals learn simple exercises for improving core strength and stability. Once participants complete Education, they will be able to properly activate their inner core muscles while performing daily tasks so that the spine can be adequately stabilized and back pain and injuries can be prevented. FIT to the Core: Education is designed for anybody in any attire. The class places a special focus on individuals who spend a large part of their day sitting.

FIT to the Core: Stability with Mobility
This second program consists of six 45 minute, interactive, movement based classes. Exercise attire is required. Class begins with an assessment of inner core activation and then incorporates basic strength and cardio exercises. FIT to the Core: Education is not a prequisite to FIT to the Core: Stability with Mobility.

Scheduling & Pricing

Contact FIT at (512)471-0081 for the current FIT to the Core dates, time, and location.

How much does it cost?

  • FIT to the Core: Education is $75 for 4 weeks.
  • FIT to the Core: Stability and Mobility is 6 weeks.

How do I sign up and pay?
You can sign up by calling the FIT office at (512) 471-0081, coming in to FIT (Belmont Hall 966), or by paying online with a credit card on the FIT Online Store.

Can I pay for the program with my UT Flex Account?
If your doctor has recommended a diet and exercise plan for a medical reason (i.e. to lower your blood pressure, to control your diabetes, anemia, etc.) you can use your UT Flex account to pay for FIT to the Core. You must pay with cash, check or credit card and get reimbursed. Our online store does not accept payflex cards. You must provide signed documentation from your doctor for approval. You can use the form provided below to obtain a signature from your doctor. If you have additional questions, please contact Human Resources.

Letter of Medical Necessity Form
(PDF File)