YOGA FIT offers an all-level well-rounded approach to stretching and yoga. Please have a mat, two blocks, and a strap.  Each class addresses the whole body, from hamstring stretches to hip openers, back stretches and neck releases. Feel free to make requests or mention your old injuries and the teacher will incorporate stretches to help with your pain and tightness.

Classes incorporate both active stretching and passive supported yoga poses to provide the perfect balance between getting fit and surrendering into a blissful repose. Basic breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques will also be introduced. A perfect class for those seeking healing through yoga, increased range of motion, functional fitness, and stress relief

Scheduling & Pricing

Session Dates and Schedule

Our next long YOGA FIT session starts May 6th and ends July 29th. You may join at anytime at a reduced cost.
We will have class options this spring with classes held at UT Campus, the Wildflower Center, and Pickle Research Center. Please note that some sessions start at different times due to location. In addition, there will be an option to access 36 previous recorded classes if class times don’t work for you.

-Intro to Yoga and Meditation: Learn how to tap into a still meditative state and slowly transition into a physical yoga practice while staying mindful of the breath. We’ll begin each class with a guided meditation, and then proceed to learn the poses for the first time, or re-visit the basics with a focus on form, alignment and anatomy. This class is perfect for beginners who are looking to get in touch with their breath and body, and those wanting more detailed descriptions of the practice.

-All-Levels Yoga: this all-levels class provides modifications for those with injuries or limitations as well as challenges for those seeking to up-level their practice. Expect to breathe, move, flow and experience a broad-spectrum of poses, with something new to discover each time.

-Int/Advanced Yoga: for the experienced practitioner seeking to expand their horizons, push further into more challenging poses, and explore nuances. Expect inversions, backbends, arm balances and deeper variations of poses.

Fall Classes – 45 Minute Classes via Zoom/In-Person

Intro to Yoga and Meditation
No classes this Summer

All-Levels – May 6th – July 29th
UT CAMPUS in Bellmont Hall – In-Person/Zoom
Mondays 12-12:45pm
Wednesdays 12pm-12:45pm

Pickle Research Center – May 6th – June 17th (no class on 5/27)
Mondays – 12pm – Leslie
*$40 E-Permit purchase needed if non UT employee*

Wildflower Center – In-Person and Outside – May 6th – June 17th (no class on 5/27)
Mondays – 10:30-11:15am – Leslie

If you would like to join more than 2 classes/week, please contact to get you set up! It’s CHEAPER!

We are offering single sign-up classes for the first time this semester. Join Zoe Mantarakis for a full hour of Int/Advanced on the following days below.

No Classes this Summer

YOGA FIT Library
Access to 36 previous recorded classes from prior semesters for 12 weeks
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*Proceeds may be used in general support of the College of Education.