FIT to EAT Focus

FIT to EAT Focus: Fad Diets

This class will cover many of the current diet trends such as Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Paleo, Mediterranean, and Weight Watchers.  We will discuss the various components of each diet, why they may or may not work, and the healthfulness of each.  Join us to get all the answers to the various claims you may have heard or read about these diets!

FIT to EAT Focus: Plant Based Eating

This class will cover the different types of plant-based eating such as vegan, vegetarian, lacto-ovo, and pescatarian.  We will discuss the benefits of plant-based eating, as well as the possible deficiencies that could arise and how to prevent them.  Join us if you have ever wondered if plant-based eating is right for you!

FIT to EAT Focus: Autoimmune Protocol

This class will cover the current nutrition recommendations for people who suffer from autoimmune disorders.  We will discuss what foods to include more of, which ones to try to avoid, and which herbs and supplements may be beneficial in reducing side effects from autoimmune disorders.  Join us for all your autoimmune nutrition questions!

FIT to EAT Focus: Diabetes – On-Going

This is a series that focuses on educating participants on what diabetes is and how to prevent and manage the condition through a healthy lifestyle.  The program includes 3 pre-recorded classes and one 30-min individual consult with our Registered Dietitian, Dr. Brittany Crim. The topics of the classes are Introduction to Diabetes, Nutrition for Diabetes Management, and Physical Activity and Diabetes. This class is beneficial for anyone who has diabetes, has a loved one with diabetes, or simply wants to prevent diabetes.  Join us in learning how lifestyle choices can keep you healthy!

Program Overview:

  • Three pre-recorded classes
  • One 30-min individual consult via Zoom
  • $99


All FIT to EAT Focus classes are currently being held virtual via Zoom

*Proceeds may be used in general support of the College of Education.