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Image of Veronica Yan

Veronica Yan

P. I., SLAM Lab
Assistant Professor,
Department of Educational Psychology and Department of Psychology

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Interests: Effective, motivated self-regulated learning — the cognitive underpinnings of effective learning strategies and the socio-psychological motivation beliefs that enhance academic achievement


Image of Derek Hanson

Derek Hanson



Interests: disfluency, choice in the classroom, self-regulated learning, effective study habits

Image of Brendan Schuetze

Brendan Schuetze

5th year Ph.D. student


Interests: Retrieval Practice, Metacognition, Quantitative Methods, and Educational Data Mining

Image of Stephany Rea

Stephany Rea

2nd year Ph.D. student

Interests: effective learning and teaching strategies, motivation, and metacognition

Image of Akshay Umashankar

Akshay Umashankar

2nd year M.A. student

Interests: Metacognition, effective learning strategies, desirable difficulties, and motivation; understanding the essential elements of learning strategies and breaking down the mechanisms behind them. 

Ben Snider

Undergraduate research assistant

Lab Affiliates

Lab Alum

  • Connie Fralick (undergrad honors, 2022)
  • Lisi Wang (PhD, 2021)
  • Justin Harvey (MA, 2021)
  • Nathaniel Woodward(PhD, 2018)
  • Katherine Wilson (MA, 2018)

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