Workshops & Videos

Exam Study Expert Podcast: Interleaving & Desirable Difficulties

(38 mins)

A Toolkit for Building Better Learners

EdCog Symposium 2018 (1 hr)

Structuring Teaching for Long-Term Learning

Dell Medical School Grand Rounds 2018
(50 mins)

The Science of Successful Learning

Pearson Learning Makes Us Webinar Series 2016
(37 mins)

The Surprising Dynamics Behind How We Learn: Implications for Performance Support

FocusOn Learning Conference & Expo, Ontuitive Lightning Round 2016
(9 mins)

From Struggling to Learn to Learning to Struggle

UCLA Dissertation Launchpad Showcase 2014
(10 mins)

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McMaster EdCog Symposium 2018
Pearson Mastering Conferences Keynote 2013