SLAMB Group Resources

This page is still under development.

This page is a set of resources for members of the joint Muenks-Yan SLAMB group. Most of these links will direct you to a resource found within our shared Google Drive Folder.

Getting Started
– CITI Ethics Training
– Mailing lists
– List of Core Readings
– Example IRBs

Lab Meetings

Writing and Publishing


The table below lists the at-a-glance information of the major conferences that our lab members typically attend. There are however other conferences too that may be appropriate. More information is found in our google drive.

OrganizationDateSubmission DateNotes
PsychonomicsNovJuneSubmission requires a Member or Fellow. Usually poster; only members+ can give talks.

(International Association of Metacognition is a preconference every other year)
Society for Personality and Social PsychologyJan/FebJulyPosters, talks, or symposia. Make sure you also register for a preconference.
American Educational Research AssociationMar/AprJulyPosters, symposia, roundtable. There are many divisions (we are usually Div C) and SIGs (e.g., MotSig, SSRL sig)

Funding Sources