Dynamics of Learning: Retrieval Strength and Storage Strength

By vy768 April 9, 2018 | Category: External Guest Post.
Tags: desirable difficulties. learning strategies. memory. new theory of disuse.

What exactly is learning and how do we get there? It turns out, “learning” isn’t just a straightforward, simple matter of going from “not-learned” to “totally-learned”.

In a guest post on learningscientists.org published May 10th, 2016, I discuss the dynamics between retrieval strength (i.e., how easy something is to recall right now) and storage strength (i.e., how well we have actually learned something). It turns out that bigger boosts to storage strength occur when retrieval strength is low. That is, when it is difficult to bring some information to mind, that is where the potential to learn is at its greatest. Read it here!



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