Tackling Tests

“I want to put something out there to help teachers figure all of this out. It is not about the test….It’s about instruction. If we get the instruction right and we build upon what students are learning in elementary, middle and high school, we are going to have the writing tools to do well on this test….It all comes down to teaching all kids, individual kids, that they have something to say, that they can do this….”

–TEA English Language Arts Assessment Former Director Victoria Young, talking about the STAAR test

As professional teachers of writing, Heart of Texas Writing Project Teacher Consultants use research-based pedagogy and an individualized, responsive approach to the teaching of writing in order to prepare students for success in all sorts of writing endeavors. Former Heart of Texas Writing Project Director, Dr. Randy Bomer, authored this article that speaks to how, specifically, high quality writing instruction prepares kids for tests. Please share with your faculty, your administration.