More Professional Opportunities

Through their Heart of Texas Writing Project connection to the University of Texas at Austin, many of our Teacher Consultants take advantage of extended networks and further professional development opportunities at the University of Texas.

Language and Literacy Studies Master’s Degree at UT Austin

The Masters Program in Language and Literacy Studies (LLS) stands at the intersection between practice, theory, and leadership for change. The program is designed to help teachers improve the quality of their practice; to read and think deeply about their work; and to influence their school, their colleagues, their professional network, and district, state, and national policy.

Teacher Leadership, Mentorship and Professional Development Master’s Degree

This Masters Program in Curriculum and Instruction has a special focus on teacher mentorship, school leadership and professional development. This program is open to area elementary teachers, grades 1-5.  Graduate students in this program work directly with preservice teachers enrolled in the teacher preparation program at The University of Texas.

UTeach Urban Teachers

UTeach Urban Teachers prepares English Language Arts and Social Studies educators to build upon the cultural and linguistic diversity of their future students and to work for a better, more just social world. Students in this program become excellent teachers for  young people in any context, but we pay special attention to youth who represent the American majority — those from low-income, racially and linguistically diverse backgrounds. UTeach Urban Teachers offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

If you are interested in being a mentor to UTeach Urban teachers, please contact Deb Kelt.