Services and Research

Typical research projects include predictive validity studies, incremental validity studies, comparisons of various scoring methods, assessment of competing measurement models, the impact of violations of model assumptions and comparison of various student groups.

Research Presentations at National Conferences

Invited Presentations

Dodd, B. G. (2011, February). Pearson Endowments to the University of Texas at Austin. Invited paper presented at the Pan-Pearson Research Summit, Austin, TX.

Dodd, B. G. (2010, October). When research and researchers intersect with policy and policy-makers. Invited panel participant at the American Educational Research Association Coordinated Committee Meeting, Washington, D.C.

Dodd, B. G. (2010, July). Measurement Models for Language Arts Assessments. Invited presentation at Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX

Dodd, B. G. (2010, May). University of Texas Pearson Endowments. Invited paper presented at the Pan-Pearson Research Summit, Denver, CO.

Dodd, B. G., Cook, K. F. & Godin, D. G.  (2010, March).  Computer adaptive medical outcome assessment: A comparison of the rating scale and successive interval models.  Invited presentation at Rice University, Houston, TX.