Distinguished Lecture Series

The Distinguished Lecture Series is an annual event that will bring in expert researchers in the fields of psychometrics, statistics, and research design to the University of Texas at Austin to discuss advances and new findings in their fields. These lectures will focus on various aspects of educational testing and the resulting implications for policy and practices.

History of Distinguished Lecturers


November 3, 2010: Inaugural Speaker for the Distinguished Lecture Series:
Gregory Cizek, Ph.D., Professor of Educational Measurement and Evaluation at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

“Reconceptualizing validity: Validation of inferences and justification of test use”
Location: Cissy McDaniel Parker Dean’s Conference Room, SZB 238.
View photos from the event.


wayneMarch 21, 2012: Wayne Camara, Ph.D., Vice President of Research and Development at the College Board
“Defining and measuring college and career readiness: Establishing validation evidence to support the use of new assessments”
Location: Cissy McDaniel Parker Dean’s Conference Room, SZB 238.  View photos from the event.



January 16, 2013: Andrew Ho, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education
“Unstable ground: The dependence of test-based accountability metrics on educational score scales”
Location: SZB 324.    View photos from the event.


danielApril 3, 2013: Daniel McCaffrey, Ph.D., from Educational Testing Association and RAND Corporation
“Causal modeling with observational data and covariates measured with error”
Location: SZB 324.    View photos from the event.


kolenMarch 26, 2014: Michael Kolen, Ph.D., Professor of Educational Measurement at the University of Iowa
“Criteria in Equating Research”
Location: SZB 324


brainApril 23, 2015: Brian Junker, Ph.D., Professor of Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University
“Predictive Inference Using Latent Variables with Covariates”
Location: SZB 324


alinaFebruary 25, 2016: Alina von Davier, Ph.D., Senior Research Director, Educational Testing Service
“A Collaborative Science Assessment from a Measurement Perspective”
Location: SZB 324


jonApril 25, 2017: Jon S. Twing, Ph.D., Senior Vice President Pearson School Assessment
“Assessment in a Flat World: An Insider’s Perspective”
Location: SZB 324

Susan LoomisMarch 21, 2018: Susan Loomis, Ph.D., Consultant
“A Quarter-Century of NAEP Standard Setting: Lessons Learned”
Location: SZB 324