Veronica Yan

SLAM Lab PI: Dr. Veronica X. Yan
Assistant Professor
Human Development Culture and Learning Sciences,
Department of Educational Psychology  and Department of Psychology,
The University of Texas at Austin

Email: veronicayan[at]

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Dr. Veronica X. Yan (PhD, University of California, Los Angeles) is an educational psychologist and currently an assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin.

Her research focuses on what it takes to be an effective, self-regulated learner, bringing together research investigating the “desirably difficult” strategies that enhance long-term learning and the motivational mindsets required to appreciate them. She also conducts training workshops across the US for school teachers and college instructors.

Her own educational background has spanned three continents: She studied at an international school in Hong Kong, before heading to England for undergraduate studies (experimental psychology, University of Cambridge), hopped over to California for graduate school (cognitive psychology, UCLA) and postdoc (social psychology, University of Southern California) before landing in Austin, Texas.