A collected assortment of topics about ECE research.

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Research Tips
There are a whole host of videos with advice from senior researchers about many aspects of the research process. Need some encouragement, or want some insight on passion, or perhaps a little reminder about persisence? There are all sorts of juicy tidbits on

Faculty Research
Click on the names below to learn more about each Early Childhood faculty member’s research interests. For more information about additional research around the department of Curriculum and Instruction, see the EC Links page and click on the UT C&I Faculty Directory link… then click on the name of any professor to be taken to their webpage.

Dr. J. Adair (For more info see New Faculty webpage.)
Dr. C. Brown

And our recently retired faculty:
Dr. S. Reifel, Professor Emeritus

Research Training

Don’t forget to go through the IRB research training module before you submit your IRB proposal.

Tips for Dissertations

Subscribe to the ListServ called Disslist (the directions on how to subscribe are at the top of the page). Scroll down a bit on this link and you will see other helpful tips from various professors, students, and even sample proposals. At the very bottom there are a couple of other ListServs for post-dissertation work and support groups.

This GradNews blog post gives some good tips and even links to templates for dissertations.

Travel Awards for Research Presentations

You can apply for monetary assistance — travel awards — to help you pay for research presentations you hpoe to make at conferences. There are two types of travel awards: Professional Development Awards (PDA) which are distributed by the Office of Graduate Studies and for which priority is given to doctoral candidates nearing graduation, and Faculty/Student Collaboration Awards which are given out for students presenting a paper that was co-authored with a C & I faculty member. To get forms for each of these awards contact Stephen Flynn. Be mindful that there are deadlines for form submissions.

International Study and Research

You can apply to do research abroad and still be registered as a full-time student at UT. Independent study is one option mentioned by the study abroad office — click here for more info. Also, sometimes Maymester or semester classes in other departments are open to graduate students. To see explanations of the different types of courses click here, and for the database of class options click here. If you do research abroad, there are some rules about taking your research equipment . For more details click here.

Qualitative Research Software

This is not an exhaustive review, but just in case you want to learn more about various qualitative research software and more here.

For fun…

After finished with all that hard work on your dissertation, why not dance your dissertation? Soooo clever and creative! 🙂