About Us

about usWhat is GECO?

GECO stands for Graduate Early Childhood Organization — originally formed as a graduate student group at the University of Texas. GECO provides information on networking and professional development activities for graduate students with concentrations in Early Childhood Education.


The idea first germinated amongst some new doctoral students who wanted to connect with each other for support, socialization, and professional development. We met for the first time in September of 2009 and decided to become a registered student organization. We received our official registered student organization status on September 28, 2009 and remained a registered student organization for several years. Eventually, we stopped paying the university for registered student organization status, but retained the wiki, and added a GECO gmail account and Facebook account in order to try and stay in contact with former and current UT early childhood graduate students.

Why a gecko in the logo?

Because GECO sounds like the word gecko; the word association helps us remember the name. And geckos ARE kind of cool. They stick to things. As we do. We want to stick together, stick to the task, stick around… EC kids love stickers?? (Stretching it…) We like to keep things legal and not to infringe on copyright laws (i.e university trademarks or other people’s personal work), so we designed our own little logo (which you see in the top left-hand corner of this wiki).