Michelle Harrison, Ph.D.

Photo of Michelle Harrison

Michelle is a Research Assistant Professor and Director of the Health & Integrative Physiology (HIP) Laboratory. Michelle received her B.S. in Medical Laboratory Science from the University of British Columbia in Canada and then worked in a clinical laboratory setting for many years as a Medical Laboratory Technologist. A personal interest in exercise and health motivated her to return to graduate school so she pursued her M.S. and Ph.D. in Exercise Science here at the University of Texas at Austin. Currently, Michelle manages and supervises graduate student, biochemistry-related research activities in the HIP lab and pursues her own research interests. Michelle’s global research objective is to identify specific biomarker ‘signatures’ that are predictive of the prognosis and/or progression of disease. More specifically, this work involves investigating the continually evolving pathophysiology of chronic diseases with an inflammatory element including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Her graduate work focused on vascular vasomotor control and autonomic function in at-risk populations including African Americans along with obese and older individuals. Her current emphasis is on investigating mechanisms that are involved in the altered neuro-cardiovascular responses to exercise along with the development of neuropathy in diabetes.


If you have any questions regarding the shared biochemistry resources in the HIP lab or ideas on collaborative opportunities feel free to reach out!

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