The Heath & Integrative Physiology (HIP) lab is a shared biochemistry laboratory housed within the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education. The HIP lab is BSL-2 certified and has the requisite equipment and resources to perform a variety of biochemical analyses, to perform phlebotomy, and is also certified for CLIA-waived testing using point-of-care instrumentation. The HIP lab is a shared resource, expanding the capabilities of researchers in the department and providing training opportunities for graduate students. For those outside the department, options for fee-based research services are available.


  • A designated room for phlebotomy
  • CLIA-waived, point-of-care testing for HbA1c, glucose, and lipids
  • Designated space for conducting interviews and completing surveys
  • Equipment to perform ELISA’s (to quantify single analytes) and to perform multiplex assays (to quantify a panel of analytes simultaneously)
  • Automated western blotting capability
  • Equipment for targeted metabolomics: fatty acids and amino acids


Inequity and health disparities exist within our communities and disproportionately affect our most vulnerable populations. This is particularly evident with chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Research in the HIP lab focuses on the identification of specific biomarker ‘signatures’ that are predictive of the prognosis and/or progression of these diseases. Knowledge such as this allows for the design of customized interventions and tailored treatments; required elements to addressing these health inequalities in our communities.


Feature: The power of prediction

Harrison as co-investigator on a 2.4 million dollar grant


Integrative research such as this requires a multi-disciplinary approach. This is accomplished through highly valued collaborations with others both in academia and in industry. New collaborations are always welcome!

Dr. Audrey Stone PhD, Assistant Professor, Director of Autonomic Control of Circulation Lab, UT Austin

Dr. Julie Zuniga PhD, RN, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, UT Austin

Dr. Ashley Henneghan PhD, RN, FAAN, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, UT Austin

VUV Analytics, Cedar Park, TX