The University of Texas at Austin


Here are links to news articles and other media in which I have been featured.

  • Copelin, L. (2012, October 27). Austin struggling to recruit, retain Black professionals. Austin American-Statesman. Retrieved October 27, 2012 from (Interviewed about community engagement experiences of University of Texas-affiliatd African American faculty in Austin.)
  • Randall, K. (2012, January 9). Publish or parent: New College of Education study explores how tenure-track fathers negotiate work-family conflicts. Know: Your connection to a world of ideas (UT-Austin webpage banner feature story). Retrieved January 11, 2012 from (Interviewed about research on junior faculty fathers and work-family conflict.)
  • Cahn, E. (2010, July 22). What isn’t bigger in Texas? Number of college degrees: State ranks 40th in people with an associate’s. Houston Chronicle. Retrieved December 28, 2010 from (Interviewed about college completion rates in the state of Texas.)
  • GenerationTexas (Director). (2010). We are Generation TX [Documentary short]. United States: Generation TX. Retrieved December 28, 2010 from (Interviewed about the significance of higher education for first-generation college students).
  • Buchele, M. (2009, July 31). Board calls for greater Latino enrollment [Radio Program]. Austin, TX: KUT Radio. Retrieved August 1, 2009 from (Interviewed in response to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Closing the Gaps report.)
  • Haurwitz, R.K.M. (2009 April 11). Paucity of black male students is UT’s biggest diversity challenge: Scaling back top 10 percent law could help boost numbers, Powers says. Austin American-Statesman. Retrieved April 15, 2009 from (Interviewed about the status of African-American male students in higher education.)
  • Hernandez, E.P. (Reporter and Producer). (2008 July 22). Full-time faculty becoming rarer [Radio Program]. Austin, TX: KUT Radio. Retrieved September 1, 2008 from (Interviewed about tenure policies and the use of adjunct faculty in higher education.)
  • Conan, N. (Host and Producer). (2004 June 23). Talk of The Nation [Radio Program]. Washington, DC: National Public Radio. Retrieved September 1, 2008 from (Interviewed about research on campus diversity and the effects of Supreme Court decisions regarding affirmative action.