Undergraduate Students

Adesua Aigbomian

Photo of Adesua Aigbomian

Adesua is a sophomore originally from Nigeria, but residing in Forney, Texas.  She works as a TA for Introductory Biology and an LA for General Chemistry. With a degree in Exercise Science, she aspires for a career in the public health sector, promoting healthy lifestyles and conducting research on its reversing effects on diseases like hypertension and diabetes. Outside of school, Adesua enjoys cooking and weightlifting.

Vanessa Alkarra

Photo of Vanessa Alkarra

Vanessa Alkarra is a sophomore on the pre-med track, majoring in biology and minoring in Spanish and French studies at the University of Texas at Austin. As a TX Stride undergraduate assistant, she has the privilege of learning more about health behaviors and diabetes and how it affects people. In her free time, she enjoys learning foreign languages, reading, and spending time with her family and friends.

Mary Iliukevich

Photo of Mary Illiukevich

Mary is a pre-med undergraduate student completing a B.S. in human biology and a minor in social and behavioral sciences. She is an active member of Texas Ballroom and enjoys training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in between studying and dancing. She plans to attend medical school in the hopes of ultimately practicing surgery.

Alija Koirala

Photo of Alija Koirala

Alija is a second year neuroscience major and elements of computing and creative writing minor with plans to eventually attend medical school. She hopes to one day contribute toward tangible change in mental health awareness and healthcare inequality. She loves playing her violin at weekly rehearsals with her ensembles, and working as (un)Jaded’s operations director where she gets to help make the magic happen at UT’s very own AAPI-interest mental health organization. During her free time, she enjoys tragic fantasy novels, shopping for (in her opinion) her never big enough wardrobe and having 7-hour-long conversations with her best friends that make life a bit more worth living.

Tho (Linda) Lam

Photo of Tho (Linda) Lam

Tho (Linda) Lam is an Undergraduate Researcher at UT and an Honors in Nutritional Sciences (HANS) student from Euless, TX, a suburban area between Fort Worth and Dallas. She is interested in researching how dietary nutrition can influence metabolic conditions within the body and in everyday life. She hopes to go to medical school and continue advocating for people’s health in low-income communities. Fun fact: she enjoys going kayaking and playing badminton!

Raiye Mathewos

Photo of Raiye Mathewos

Raiye is a third year undergraduate student from Dallas, Texas, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in human biology and planning on attending medical school after graduation. Raiye is passionate about addressing barriers to healthcare for underserved populations through community-based research, such as TX STRIDE, as well as advocacy and service. In between fulfilling her responsibilities as an undergraduate researcher, student leader and public health organizer, Raiye enjoys reading, writing, hiking and going to concerts.

Kush Patel

Photo of Kush Patel

Kush is a second year neuroscience major interested in pursuing medicine with hopes of going to medical school and becoming a doctor. His dream is to be able to help and reach out to as many people as possible, which is one of the many reasons he works as an undergraduate research assistant at Dr. Steinhardt’s lab. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, growing his photography skills and traveling.

Thomas Tran

Photo of Thomas Tran

Thomas is a polymathic scholar undergraduate student studying biochemistry in the College of Natural Sciences and an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Steinhardt’s lab. Born and raised in Austin, Thomas is pursuing medical school with the flavor of the week being an interest in pulmonary and critical care medicine. With experience in nursing and broad research interests, Thomas wants to become a well-rounded and compassionate clinician. In his free time, Thomas enjoys playing tennis, cooking, and teaching his Sunday school class.