Research Team During Zoom Meeting
Research Team Zoom Meeting
APS Confrence 2018
APS Conference 2018
Bingo Day, May 2018
Bingo Day May 2018
Chris presenting in Beijing
Chris presenting in Beijing
JSGW Outstanding Article Award 2018
JSGW Outstanding Article Award 2018
Lab Party
Lab Party
Susan Presentation
Susan Murphy presenting on chronic pain in young adults at APS in Boston, May 2017
STAR Conference

Rich, Paul, and Chris at Society for Stress and Anxiety Research Annual Meeting, Zagreb, Croatia, July 2016.

UNCC Research Award

Sally receiving outstanding research award with Rich and Chris

Jenson Research Award

Jenson awarded outstanding Counseling Psychology student researcher, Spring, 2016

AERA 2016

Sally, Lauren, Molly, Rachel, Rich, and Chris at American Educational Research Association Meeting, Washington, D.C., April 2016

ASGW Presentation

Susan Murphy, Jenson Reiser (not pictured), and Chris: Poster presentation at the Association for Specialists in Group Work Conference, Alexandria, VA, February 2016

AERA 2015 Presentation

Symposium presentation at AERA, Chicago 2015

Chicago AERA

Millenium Park at AERA, Chicago 2015


Celebrating Betsy’s internship match and Sally’s successful qualifying process


Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago


American history fun at the AERA Conference in Philadelphia.

2014-04-03 15.15.03

Chris and Betsy in front of Betsy’s poster at the AERA Conference in Philadelphia.

2014-04-04 16.31.39

Susan and Molly present on the Classroom Appraisal of Resources and Demands measure at the AERA conference in Philadelphia.


Jenson, Molly, Chris, Sally & Ryan at AERA’s annual conference in San Francisco, April 2013.


Molly and Sally presenting at a stress and coping symposium at AERA in San Francisco, April 2013.


Ryan presenting at AERA in San Francisco, April 2013.


Jenson, Molly, Sally, Ryan, & Chris hanging out in Muir Woods during AERA in April 2013.


Colleen, Jenson, and Betsy at the 2012 AERA Conference in Vancouver.  This poster focused on difficulties in assessing teachers’ multicultural competence in research.


Being sporty in Vancouver!


Betsy, Colleen, Jenson, and Ryan sight-seeing in Vancouver.


Chris and Monique at the reception for her having received the 2012 UT-Counseling Psychology Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award.