Research Group

The Coping and Stress in Education Lab group explores the intersection of health, psychology, and education. The focus of our research is promoting wellness and productivity in educational settings. To do this, we examine how stress affects an individual’s emotions, physiology, cognition, and behavior in school contexts. We also research the mechanisms by which coping and wellness is promoted.

Our lab is group focused, meaning that we are collaborative and support each other in our various projects. We also actively collaborate with faculty and at other universities, which is essential given the inter-disciplinary nature of our work. Members of the CASE lab take an active role in scholarship by regularly co-authoring journal articles and book chapters and presenting at national and international conferences several times a year. 


We are actively researching the following topics:

  • Examination of teacher stress and retention
  • Developing assessment tools for preventive coping resources
  • Effectiveness of group interventions
  • Group interventions for teacher stress and wellness


Research Team During Zoom Meeting

Each member of the CASE lab actively participates in one or more of the projects. We meet as a team on a regular basis to plan, conduct, and write about, and present our findings.


Our team regularly publishes books, book chapters, and articles in journals focusing on stress, wellness and education. 


Members of our lab regularly present at national and international conferences, including the Association for Specialists in Group Work, the American Educational Research Association, and the Trauma, Stress, Anxiety, and Resilience Society.