Current Students

We are excited to welcome our inaugural cohort of TRACCS trainees! This year, our trainees span all three years of training.


C. Janeth Juarez

Janeth completed her school psychology practicum training at Del Valle ISD during the 2022-2023 school year. She provided counseling and assessment services to elementary and middle school students and grew fond of the DVISD community. During her practicum training, Janeth assisted her supervisor, Dr. Ivonne Estrella, in the development and implementation of a social-emotional learning skills program for diverse middle school students and their parents. She found fulfillment in providing mental health services to students and families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Janeth also worked for the Texas Child Health Access Through Telemedicine (TCHATT) program as a graduate assistant. During her time with TCHATT, she helped connect Texas students to long-term mental health agencies, recognizing the positive impact that accessible mental health care has on public school students. Additionally, Janeth had the opportunity to participate as a graduate research assistant in the Pediatric Coping and Language (PCL) Lab with Dr. Erin Rodriguez, where she worked on a project aimed to address health disparities experienced by the Hispanic community. This experience provided Janeth with a comprehensive understanding of the research process and heightened her awareness of the needs of the Hispanic community. She looks forward to enhancing her skills as a bilingual school psychologist and is excited to join the TRACCS program and further her training in evidence-based mental health services.

Gabriela Trejo

Gabriela completed her school psychology practicum training in the University of Texas Charter School System during the 2022-2023 school year. Here she had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of students, ranging from elementary school children in a traditional charter school setting, to high school students living in residential treatment centers. Under the supervision of Julie Joesel, LSSP, Gabriela had the opportunity to assess, evaluate, and counsel students across a range of ages. During her time here, Gabriela grew and strengthened her skills as a School Psychology student. Additionally, during her time at UT, Gabriela had the opportunity to assist in Dr. Sarah Kate Bearman’s research lab, LEAP Lab. Here she assisted in a research project that targeted high-risk families aimed to promote positive parenting practices. Currently, Gabriela works as an intern at DVISD, serving both elementary and middle school students. Gabriela looks forward to further strengthening her skills as a school psychologist and providing evidence-based mental health services to students and families in need.

2nd Year Trainee

Ana Serrano

Ana is a second-year graduate student pursuing a Master’s in School Psychology and a TRACCS trainee. Her passion for entering the School Psychology field stems from a strong desire to facilitate appropriate assessments and interventions for students, thereby enhancing their learning outcomes and overall well-being. She is deeply committed to destigmatizing and diversifying mental health interventions for young individuals, and she believes that TRACCS will play a crucial role in helping me achieve these objectives. During her initial year as a graduate student, she had the privilege of working as a graduate assistant at the esteemed Pricilla Pond Fawn Child & Family Laboratory. This experience allowed her to apply evidence-based teaching strategies that fostered effective learning and skill development. Additionally, she contributed as a research assistant in Dr. Sarah Schoffstall’s lab, where she collaborated with a team in the development and translation of a survey exploring the correlation between family communication strategies and adjustment in pediatric cochlear implant recipients. This involvement provided valuable insights into the responsibilities of a researcher and how to be effective in the pursuit of scientific knowledge. In the upcoming year, she is enthusiastic about embarking on her practicum at Del Valle, where she will work closely with her supervisor to offer support to students, parents, and staff within the district. She is eager to contribute her skills and knowledge to create a positive impact on the educational and mental well-being of the school community.

1st Year Trainees

Isabela Carson

Isabela is a first-year graduate student in the TRACCS program, and is working towards her Master’s in School Psychology. Her experience in both education and research has prepared her for work as a scientist-practitioner. She has worked as classroom aid at both the pre-school and elementary level, and has additional work experience in summer recreation programs with the City of Austin. As an undergraduate at Trinity University, Isabela contributed to biology research in Michele Johnson’s lab and co-authored a paper on the effects of nocturnal light exposure on green anoles in Physiology and Biology. She looks forward to expanding her understanding of psychological research and practice during her time at UT.

Callie Strickland

Callie is an accomplished educator with a Bachelor of Science degree in Bilingual Education from Texas A&M University (2015). Her passion for teaching has taken her on a journey spanning diverse classrooms, from teaching Pre-K through 6th grade in Madrid, Spain, to her recent role as a 2nd-grade Dual Language teacher in Austin ISD. Throughout her career, Callie has demonstrated strong leadership skills, serving as a team lead from 2020 to 2023. Her dedication and excellence in the classroom were recognized when she was honored as Teacher of the Year at McBee Elementary School in 2022. Beyond the classroom, Callie has also made a positive impact in her community by serving as a local Girl Scout troop leader and providing valuable Spanish tutoring to high school students. Callie is thrilled to be a part of the TRACCS program as she embarks on the Masters program to become an LSSP.

Jasmine Battie

Jasmine is a dedicated graduate student at The University of Texas at Austin, pursuing a Master’s/Specialist degree in School Psychology and a TRACCS trainee. Throughout her career, Jasmine has focused on helping individuals with various developmental and behavioral challenges from very diverse backgrounds, with a special emphasis on autism spectrum disorder. Jasmine has previous practicum experience working at Harris County Juvenile Detention Center and has also held roles as an Outpatient Case Manager in elementary schools, Behavioral Health Specialist, Registered Behavior Therapist, and currently as a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Her background includes a Master of Science degree in juvenile forensic psychology and certification in applied behavior analysis. Jasmine has had the privilege of conducting assessments, developing individualized treatment plans, providing evidence-based treatment, and implementing behavioral interventions to help youth with autism and other developmental disabilities thrive. Additionally, she has trained and supervised therapists, while providing essential guidance to families on skill acquisition techniques and behavior reduction strategies. Collaborating with interdisciplinary teams to create comprehensive plans and facilitate smooth discharges and transitions for clients has also been a vital part of her work. Jasmine plans to continue enhancing her skills and helping youth as she works towards becoming a LSSP and as a member of TRAACS.