Lab Members

Milena Samora

Title: Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Hometown: Uberlândia/MG, Brazil

Previous Degrees: B.Sc., Physical Education, 2012; specialist in Exercise Applied Physiology, 2014; M.S., Physical Education, 2016; Ph.D., Exercise Physiology, 2020

Research Interests: autonomic control of circulation, cardiac, and vascular mechanisms in health and disease 

Other Interests: playing sports, running, outdoor activities, watching movies and spending time with friends and family. Coffee lover!

Ali Mossayebi

Title: Ph.D. Student in Kinesiology and Health Education

Hometown: Tehran, Iran

Previous Degrees: B.Sc. in Nutrition, Tehran, Iran 2018/ M.Sc. in Kinesiology, The University of Texas at El Paso, Texas, US, 2022

Research Interest: Exercise Pressor Reflex in Type 1 Diabetes

Other Interest: Watching Movies, Exercising, Camping