• Ultrasound machine for measurement of cardiovascular function and structure
  • Arterial applanation tonometers for carotid blood pressure measurement
  • Laser Doppler flowmeter for skin blood flow measurement
  • Automated blood pressure measurement system
  • Beat-by-beat blood pressure measurement system
  • Nerve traffic analyzer for microneurography
  • Parks Doppler flowmeters for measurement of pulse wave velocity and ankle-brachial index
  • Dell workstation computer
  • Hokanson venous-occlusion plethysmography
  • Colin VP-2000 for measurement of arterial stiffness and ankle-brachial pressure index
  • Gould physiological recorder with Ponemah physiology analyses platform
  • Metabolic cart for measurement of oxygen consumption
  • Quinton treadmill
  • Lode cycle ergometer
  • Welch Allyn Schiller ECG unit
  • Vitros chemistry analyzer

Students gathered around a computer screen viewing data Student viewing a laptop while monitoring a participant on a treadmill Hand connected to various sensorsStudents taking vitals on a participant