Inspiring Stories

The Farmer and the Donkey
How do you respond to adversity? This story is an excellent example of the “step up” response on our resilience model. (See Module One.)

A Carrot, an Egg, and a Cup of Coffee
What can a carrot, an egg, and a cup of coffee teach a young woman tired of fighting and struggling with adversity and heartaches? Read and find out the lesson the young woman received from her mother.

The Two Wolves
This story from an old Cherokee to his grandchildren helps us realize the power our Self-Energy has in shaping the person we become. The story is a nice illustration of the essential component needed to thrive (or step up): Self-Leadership. (See Module Four.)

A Beautiful Life!
This story contains some “tips” that may bring you a beautiful life. Read them, live by them more fully, and I promise you will experience a beautiful life!

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