Assess Student Learning

Canvas Assignments and Quizzes

Assignments and Quizzes can be created in Canvas to help you assess student learning. Students can submit their work online and you can grade and provide feedback online through Speedgrader.

How do I create an online assignment in Canvas?

How do I create a quiz with individual questions?

How do I use Speedgrader?

Ensure Academic Integrity

The university has adopted Proctorio to help ensure academic integrity when students complete quizzes, exams, and other forms of exams remotely. Proctorio can be used to verify students’ identities, protect the content of your assessments, prevent problematic behaviors, and monitor the students for suspicious activities during the assessment. Proctorio is already available to you within your Canvas course. Contact to get started.

How do I set up Proctorio?

For a three-minute overview of Proctorio’s grading interface for instructors, go to: