What is Resilience?

Like the tree whose branches bend and sway in a storm rather than crack under pressure, we have the power to remain flexible and strong amid life’s challenges… to be resilient!

Resilience is defined as the process of bouncing back and fully recovering in the face of change and stressful situations. Being resilient doesn’t mean a person won’t experience difficulty or stress. However, resilient individuals respond to stress in ways that help them not only recover, but grow and thrive.
About This Site

Transforming Lives Through Resilience Education consists of four mini-lectures, or modules, prepared by Dr. Mary Steinhardt, Professor of Health Education at The University of Texas at Austin. Each of the four modules is presented in audio form, accompanied by Flash animation and short interactive quizzes to promote learning. At the end of each session, participants can print a PDF file that includes a short assignment, reading materials that summarize the module, and a list of suggested books to read.