Notes from Jan 27, 2016

By Karen French February 1, 2016 | Category: meeting notes.

Agenda: Regroup from December, discuss goals for the semester, format for meetings (review progress in projects, explore a technology, ask member to report)

Jody Jensen, Michelle Harrison, Lucy Camarillo, Keffrelyn Brown, Angela Valenzuela, Jim Patton, Lim Mihyun, Karen French

Jody –
Where do I target students for what?
reaching undergraduates for research
infographics –
what are students visiting?
coolness of the science
send students to these places to see what they are doing
how to get the message out without having to learn everything

Keffrelyn –
personal user of social media
op-ed project – public voices project (partners with professor at Yale) adding new voices to public conversation
students finding representation of teachers or black education
tools that can be used instructionally
courses – Representations of Teaching in Popular Media, Social Media

Angela –

Jim –
Individual Differences Class – some students were not comfortable sharing publicly

Lucy –
LinkedIn as a way of finding a job
What can we involve our students in now that they can continue post-graduation?

Topics for next meeting:
We will create Google Scholar Identity
Pinterest & Instagram as visual social media tools

Karen and Lim will create project blog and support material for Hootsuite


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