Graduate Student Research at the Stark Center

Both Dr. Hunt and Dr. Todd expect their students to be actively engaged in research while in the Interdisciplinary Sport Studies Program and view research as a collaborative forum for learning and the dissemination of new knowledge. In addition to the preparation of dissertations, articles for scholarly journals, and other traditional forms of scholarship, graduate students often also assist with other Stark Center research initiatives. For example, Dominic Morais and master’s student Jenna Galloway played a leading role in creating the research-based, Longhorn Power website—a history of strength coaching at the University of Texas. The digital exhibition can be viewed at the Stark Center Website. A related exhibit, also largely created by graduate students, is the highly regarded website entitled: “The Quest for Victory: A History of Weight Training for Sports.”

Dr. Hunt is currently directing a group of graduate students who work with the 1968 U.S. Olympic Team Oral History Project. These graduate students are conducting oral history interviews with members of the 1968 team and are then transcribing the interviews and making them available to research via the Institute for Olympic Studies website.