Haein Oh

The goal of my dissertation project is to explore pressing issues regarding the lives of immigrant mothers married to Korean husbands in South Korea. While multiculturalism may be prevalent in many areas around the world, the multicultural population is only recently developing, creating several issues regarding racism, cultural differences, language barriers, and child rearing practices. These challenges are especially important to address as they directly affect the children, their education, and their identity as ethnic minorities in Korean society. I have conducted in-depth individual interviews and focus groups with immigrant mothers of preschool children in Korea, and am currently in the process of analyzing and writing up my dissertation.

Other than my dissertation project, my other research interests are about family backgrounds and parental interactions on academic motivation of Asian and White college students.

I am also interested in exploring the adjustment process of international graduate students as they transition into American universities. I am currently working a project with which I have gathered data from Korean international graduate students through individual interviews.

Recent Conference Presentations:

Oh, H. (2018, August) Multicultural Families, Immigrant Mothers, and Multicultural Children of South Korea. Poster session at American Psychological Association, San Francisco, CA.

Oh, H. (2018, July). Multicultural Families, Immigrant Mothers, and Multicultural Children of South Korea. Poster session at 2018 APA Division 45 Conference, Austin, TX.

Oh, H. & Falbo, T. L. (2017, August). Self-Determination and Family Obligation of Korean and American College Students. Poster session at American Psychological Association, Washington, D.C.

Oh, H. (2017, April). Sink or Swim: Korean Graduate Students’ Adjustment Process to US Institutions. Paper presentation at American Educational Research Association, San Antonio, TX.

Oh, H. & Jeoung, H. Y. (2017, April) Better with Siblings? A Comparison of Only Children and Children with Siblings in Prosocial Behaviors of Korean Preschool Children. Poster session at Society for Research in Child Development, Austin, TX.