Mariana Patru

marianaMs. Mariana Patru is a programme specialist responsible for activities in the area of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and open and distance learning in UNESCO’s Division for Higher Education at the Organization’s Headquarters in Paris. She has a long professional experience in the areas of strategic international and national-level policy and strategy advice to governments and institutions, designed to promote wider and equitable access to quality education for all through appropriate use of new technologies.

Dr. Patru has coordinated and/or served as keynote speaker at various international professional meetings on the role of ICTs and e-learning such as UNESCO’s Second Congress on Education and Informatics (Moscow, July 1996); The Round Table on the “Impact of Information and Communication Technologies on Teaching and Teachers” (45th ICE session, Geneva, September 1996); ECOSOC panel on “Higher Education in Africa in the Information Age” (UN Headquarters, New York, May 2001); Forum on the “Impact of Open Courseware for Higher Education in Developing Countries” (Paris, July 2002); International Sub-Regional Seminar on the “Use of Distance Education and Information and Communication Technologies in Teacher Education: Trends, Policy and Strategy Considerations” (Kiev, November 2002); “Education in Knowledge Societies” organized in the framework of the International Conference “UNESCO between Two Phases of the World Summit on the Information Society” (St. Petersburg, May 2005); Fifth EDEN Research Workshop (Paris, October 2008).

Dr. Patru has contributed to the development and publication of original research and studies on the use of ICTs and online in education and teacher training, which have enjoyed wide international success.

She is a member of international professional associations promoting the creation and dissemination of knowledge and best practices about the use of information technology in education and teacher development, such as the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE).