EDC 396: Doctoral Seminar-Instructional Technology

This course is primarily designed for doctoral students enrolled in the Instructional Technology Program who have completed a certain amount of the coursework. However, other students are welcome. Its goal is to help you proactively plan for timely completion of I.T. program coursework, first-year and midprogram reviews, candidacy exams, formation of your dissertation committee, and your dissertation research area of inquiry. The contexts for this course will be interactive, collaborative, and student-centered. We will function as a learning community to help each other in understanding various related issues, getting familiar with relevant rules and policies, and identifying possible pitfalls to avoid and ways to maximize the value of your learning at each stage of degree work. You will also have the opportunity to thoroughly explore, evaluate, and synthesize existing research and theories related to your probable dissertation focus. You will conduct a literature review that can serve, if you wish, as a partial basis and beginning for your dissertation proposal. You may conduct a small-scale study as well.

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