EDC 385G: (Interactive) Multimedia Authoring

This course is designed for novices who want to learn interactive multimedia technology through a hands-on approach. The course provides you with an overview of the interactive multimedia/hypermedia technology through working with a state-of-art authoring system/program. The authoring program used in the course will vary from one semester to another so as to reflect the most current multimedia tools used by professionals in the field. The emphasis of the course is not only on the understanding of the authoring program, but, more importantly, on how various media can be used and on being able to create an educational application using the program. As a group, we will discuss and work on various concepts of multimedia. As an individual, you will investigate and develop an application in the field of your interest/specialization. The contexts for this learning will be primarily interactive, collaborative, multi-disciplinary, and student-centered. A large portion of this course will be devoted to hands-on activities.