EDC 385G: Designs and Strategies for New Media

This course is about human-computer interaction (HCI). The emphasis of the course is on examining and understanding the designs and strategies for new media. New media in this case is defined as interactive multimedia and Web-based technologies. We are particularly interested in looking at the use of new media from the perspectives of information design, interaction design, and interface design. We will also investigate how different characteristics of learner groups might impact the designs. Developing such an understanding and acquiring such knowledge will make one better informed in creating effective educational applications. Through activities such as researching, evaluating, designing, and developing, students are expected to develop an understanding of how design principles can be applied to create effective educational products. The contexts for this course will be primarily interactive, collaborative, multi-disciplinary, and student-centered. Flash and other related softwarewill be used for site analysis and creating the final end-of-semester product.



There is no prerequisites for the course. It accompanies other hands-on courses such as EDC 385G Interactive Multimedia Design & Production and EDC 385G Multimedia Authoring.

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