EDC 385G Analysis of Research in Instructional Technology

This course is designed for 1) doctoral students enrolled in the Instructional Technology (IT) Program, and 2) any students who have an interest in educational technology related research. For IT doctoral students, it is recommended this course be taken prior to the IT doctoral seminar. The primary goal is for students to get familiar with research in the IT field, to make sense and use technology research in preparation for conducting one’s own research (e.g. master report or dissertation). Through readings we will examine historical and current literature on technology use in teaching and learning. We will evaluate and critique studies using various research methodologies, and thoroughly investigate and synthesize several selected research topics. The contexts for this course will be interactive, collaborative, and student-centered. By getting acquainted with the existing research and what is going currently in the field, we are to deepen our understanding of the role technology plays in enhancing teaching and learning.

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