EDC 383G: Interactive Multimedia Design & Production

The purpose of this course is to provide you with a background in interactive multimedia/hypermedia research with specific emphases on (1) identifying major research issues in the field (2) examining major research findings (3) understanding appropriate theoretical frameworks and (4) conducting research in one’s own interest area. The course has four components: (1) Through readings and discussions, students are expected to become familiar with major research issues and findings as well as appropriate theoretical frameworks for interactive multimedia/hypermedia research; (2) through critiquing articles, students are expected to be familiar with research design components and develop the ability to evaluate research critically ; (3) through various hands-on experiences using interactive multimedia technology, students are expected to understand the importance of research and identifying areas/issues for further examination; and (4) through conducting a research project, students are expected to combine theories, knowledge of research design and practical experience in investigating a topic of one’s own choice. The contexts for this course will be primarily interactive, collaborative, multi-disciplinary, and student-centered.

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