Delta Chapter students have a history of winning many national Kappa Delta Pi scholarships, including the Distinguished Dissertation Award and the Hollis Caswell Laureate Dissertation Fellowship.  Recent scholarship recipients are highlighted below.

Academic Year 2015-2016
Racheal M. Rothrock (Deborah Partridge Wolfe Laureate Scholarship)
Academic Year 2012-2013
Billy Smith
Academic Year 2011-2012
Elizabeth Bellows (O.L. Davis, Jr. Laureate)
Academic Year 2008-2009
Tony Castro
Brooke Blevins
Allison Hanna
Academic Year 2007-2008
Vanessa Sikes (Hollis L. Caswell)
Michelle Bauml (Paul R. Hahha)
Academic Year 2005-2006
Benjamin Kramer (Paul Hanna Laureate)
Jennifer Porter (Henry Hill Laureate)
Ann E. Quarles (Louisa Anne Oriente)
Thomas Wacker (O.L. Davis, Jr. Laureate)
Academic Year 2004-2005
Mindy Spearman (Hollis Caswell Laureate)
Kristi Preisman (Ralph Tyler Laureate)
Jamin Carson (Gerald H. Read Laureate)
Kelley Reidt (O.L. Davis, Jr. Laureate)
Brenda Wheat (Paul R. Hanna Laureate)
Academic Year 2003-2004
Mary H. Hickman (Ralph Tyler Laureate)
Mindy Spearman (O.L. Davis, Jr. Laureate)
Torran Anderson (Paul R. Hanna Laureate)
Kristi Preisman (Louisa A. Oriente Scholarship)