The Gender Health Equity Lab is dedicated to reducing risk behaviors among those who experience health disparities. We are interested in HIV and sexually transmitted infection prevention, substance abuse, and violence (e.g., structural violence, community violence, intimate partner violence, childhood sexual abuse). Current research combines behavioral change theories with an understanding of structural causes (i.e., housing instability, poverty) of HIV in order to encourage use of new biomedical interventions such as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to help prevent HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among high-risk women.

We are actively working on grants to solicit participant- and community-informed interventions to increase HIV/STI testing among African American/Black women, and group-based and structural-level interventions to increase PrEP use, decrease intimate partner violence, increase employment, and increase housing stability. We are also looking to expand our research among transgender men and women, and internationally.

In order for these grants to be successful and to ensure participant and community involvement in intervention development, collaborations are essential. We are always looking for organizations to develop partnerships with who share the same goals and in collaboration we can decrease health disparities in our community. Current undergraduate and graduate members of our lab come from diverse backgrounds and majors all across campus. They are committed to reducing health disparities in the Austin community. We collaborate with organizations who share our vision such as SAFE, Lifeworks, the Center for Health Empowerment, and Private iDNA.