Online Nutrition Tracking


While an initial nutrition consult will leave clients with a wealth of information and ideas, some of our most successful clients prefer to follow up with our registered and licensed dietitian on a weekly basis. This can be achieved through our Online Nutrition Tracking program, which is a 3 month commitment of weekly personalized dietary feedback, food log analysis, support, and nutrition guidance. Each week our clients receive a “check in” with our dietitian to help them stay on track, to address issues as they arise, and to fine-tune their diets in order to achieve long term success. In addition, clients are entitled to a monthly 30 minute in person consult at The Fitness Institute to further discuss their progress and goals.

*Note: Online Nutrition Tracking can only be arranged after an initial Nutrition FIT consultation has been completed. A minimum 3 month commitment is required to sign up.


To schedule On Line Tracking, make an appointment for a Nutrition FIT assessment by calling (512) 471-0081.


  • UT Affiliates: Nutrition FIT $75 + On Line Tracking (3 mo) $90 = $165
  • General Public: Nutrition FIT $90 + On Line Tracking (3 mo) $90 = $180

Proceeds may be used in general support of the College of Education.

Pre-pay online with a credit card or on-site with credit card, check or cash.


Weekly feedback will be delivered via email with our registered and licensed dietitian. In person “check in” consults will be held at The Fitness Institute of Texas office, which is located in Bellmont Hall Room 966. Add: Parking is available. You will receive a Visitor’s Parking Permit from the FIT staff when you arrive for testing. Refer to Location & Parking for further information.