Developing Algebra-Ready Students for Middle School: Exploring the Impact of Early Algebra (LEAP 1)


In this first LEAP project, we constructed an Early Algebra Learning Progression [EALP] consisting of a curricular framework and progression developed by coordinating research, curricular, and mathematical perspectives; a Grades 3–5 instructional sequence based on the framework and progression; associated assessments; and levels of sophistication describing strategies observed in children’s mathematical work. We also conducted a preliminary study to examine the impact of our EALP’s instructional intervention as measured by our assessments and found that students who experienced the early algebra intervention outperformed comparison students on our early algebra assessment and were more apt by posttest to use algebraic strategies to solve problems.

Funded by the National Science Foundation DRL-1207945 (2009-2013)

Principal Investigators

Maria L. Blanton, TERC
Eric Knuth, University of Texas at Austin

Project Staff

Angela Murphy Gardiner, TERC
Isil Isler, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jee-Seon Kim, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Tim Marum, TERC
Ana Stephens, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Advisory Board

Tom Carpenter, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bárbara Dougherty, University of Missouri
Amy Ellis, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Carolyn Kieran, Université du Québec à Montréal
Analúcia Schliemann, Tufts University

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