Project AIM: Autism Intervention Meta-analysis for studies of young children

studiesIn 2011, a review of early interventions for children with autism published in the journal Pediatrics indicated that only 2 high quality group design studies had been published on this topic. The authors of the review concluded that our knowledge about the effectiveness of early intervention for children with autism was limited. The past five years has seen a tidal wave of studies published in this area. The Brain and Language Lab, in concert with colleagues from the ACER Lab and the BAND Lab, has quantitatively synthesized the results of 150 reports of early intervention studies, in order to better understand the overall effect of intervention, how it varies by approach, and the extent to which it improves generalizable, developmentally important outcomes. The first results of this work are published in the journal Psychological Bulletin. A copy of the full paper is available here. We are currently conducting additional research with this dataset to determine how children differentially benefit from intervention depending on their individual developmental profiles and various aspects of the intervention (e.g., the amount provided, the implementer of the intervention). All of the papers published from this dataset will feature the name “Project Aim” in the title.

Project AIM Publications

Sandbank, M., Bottema-Beutel, K., Crowley, S., Cassidy, M., Dunham, K., Feldman, J. I., Crank, J., Albarran, S. A., Raj, S., Mahbub, P., & Woynaroski, T. G. (2020). Project AIM: Autism intervention meta-analysis for studies of young children. Psychological Bulletin, 146(1), 1–29.

Sandbank, M., Bottema-Beutel, K., Crowley, S., Cassidy, M., Feldman, J., & Woynaroski, T. (in press). Intervention effects on language in children with ASD: A Project AIM meta-analysis. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research.

Project AIM Manuscripts Under Review
Bottema-Beutel, K., Crowley, S., Sandbank, M., & Woynaroski, T. (2019). Conflicts of Interest (COIs) in Autism Early Intervention Research: A Meta-analysis of COI Influences on Intervention Effects. Manuscript submitted for publication.