Project AIM: Autism Early Intervention Meta-analysis

studiesIn 2011, a review of early interventions for children with autism published in the journal Pediatrics indicated that only 2 high quality group design studies had been published on this topic. The authors of the review concluded that our knowledge about the effectiveness of early intervention for children with autism was limited. The past five years has seen a tidal wave of studies published in this area. The Brain and Language Lab, in concert with colleagues from the ACER Lab and the BAND Lab, has systematically identified over 150 group design early intervention studies. We are now working to quantitatively synthesize the results of these studies, in order to better understand the overall effect of intervention and how it varies by approach, child, and study method in this clinical population. We are also planning to summarize the quality of the early intervention studies that we located, and the extent to which interventions are able to impact generalizable, developmentally important outcomes.