Imitation in Kids with Autism

logoChildren can learn many skills through imitation, but children with autism often struggle to develop the ability to imitate. Doctoral student Nicolette Caldwell is conducting a study to compare two different interventions for teaching children with autism to imitate. As part of this study, all participants received 12 20-min intervention sessions over the course of 6 weeks, delivered in their home or a convenient location. Parents and participants also completed a 15-min play session, which was be video-recorded, before and after the intervention. Data collection for this study has been completed and is currently being coded and analyzed. The results of this study will help us to determine the best method for teaching young children with autism to imitate so that they can continue to learn other skills through imitation over the course of childhood.
Invited Presentations
Caldwell, N., Albarran, S., Crank, J., Canihuante, M., & Sandbank, M (2020, February). Supporting Generalized Imitation in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Pilot RCT.  Poster presented at the Conference on Research Innovations in Early Intervention, San Diego, CA.