Teaching Approach

Three themes have had a primary influence on my approach to teaching.

The first is “Relevance.”  I aim for material to have relevance to student’s lives. Keeping this in mind shapes how I design my courses. If students are not able to see the relevance, their course “buy-in” will be low. Alternatively, if they can easily see the real-world applications of the theories and research we discuss, they will be more motivated and prepared. The second is “Engagement.” As an instructor, I aim to be engaged and engaging. I hope and expect that my level of engagement is met and returned by each student. If I’m not connecting with students, communicating key points can be extremely difficult.  The third is “Challenge.” A good course should be challenging. In my experience as a student, the best courses were typically the most difficult.  I would describe my teaching style as interactive, creative, and energetic.  To engage students, I frequently use role-plays and other active teaching interventions.  I’m always looking for new and creative ways to integrate technology in the classroom.