The majority of my research has focused on men and masculinity, with a particular emphasis on men’s mental health and help-seeking patterns.  Some of these publications have addressed help-seeking alternatives, non-traditional work/career roles, men and depression, and stay-at-home fathers.  I’ve also conducted research documenting the negative physical and psychological consequences (e.g., depression, anxiety, relationship problems) associated with strict adherence to traditional male gender roles.  A secondary interest is the use and application of technology within the practice of psychotherapy.  I have also published research in the areas of career counseling and the use of dreams in therapy.

Several of my articles have been published in the APA Journal, Psychology of Men and Masculinity (PMM). PMM has received excellent Journal Impact Factors for 2010 and 2011, namely 2.208 and 2.078 respectively.   In an independent, peer-reviewed article (Wong et al., 2010), I was identified as a leading contributor to this journal.

My research has been written up as feature banner stories on the UT homepage on several different occasions. These stories, written by Kay Randall, are accessible below:

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