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Embedding an Instagram Post into Canvas

The info referenced in this post comes from the ever-handy Canvas LMS community discussion boards.

I was looking for a way to give students a quick visual reference that would pop up in a social media account, show up in Canvas, and be something they could keep for long term reference (i.e. a good life lesson kind of thing). Instagram provides a platform for this. If a student follows the account, he or she sees the update, and can view it in Canvas or keep it for long-term reference. The trick is to embed the image in Canvas. We do that with a relatively simple iframe code.

Open a page or assignment in the text view and paste in this code:

<p><iframe src=”//” width=”612″ height=”710″></iframe></p>

Then, go to the Instagram post, and look at the URL. It will have a /p/ followed by a series of letters followed by another /. Copy that code. For example:

Instagram URL

Copy zY3M3goSt9 and paste into your code between the two /s.

Final result will be something like this:

<p><iframe src=”//” width=”612″ height=”710″></iframe></p>

Then save the page and publish in Canvas.