Culture, Identity, and Health Research Team

Department of Educational Psychology

 The University of Texas at Austin

 Delida Sanchez, PhD

The Culture, Identity, and Health Research Team explores the effects of racism and health inequities on mental and behavioral health outcomes of diverse Black and Latinx adolescent and emerging adult populations. The focus of our research is promoting wellness by building on the cultural and interpersonal strengths of  populations of color, framing culture as a resource. To do this, we examine the psychosocial pathways that link perceived discrimination to mental and behavioral health outcomes. We also research the mechanisms by which coping and wellness is promoted.

Our current research is on the following topics:

  • Examination of various forms of perceived discrimination including microaggressions (peer, institutional, educational) and links to mental health and behavioral health (substance use, sexual behaviors, bullying)
  • Examination of various mechanisms used to cope with discrimination
  • Examination of potential protective cultural factors such as positive racial and ethnic identity, ethnic and gender socialization, and gender role attitudes
  • Group interventions using youth-based participatory action research (YPAR) approaches for positive youth development and wellness